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Quitting Cigarette By Using Nicotine Patches? Read This Before You Begin

Nicotine patches are used by the people who quit smoking in order to resist the urge of lighting a cigarette. You might wonder what is the difference between the nicotine in a cigarette and that in the nicotine patch. There is a simple difference which makes nicotine patches safer to use than cigarettes. Nicotine patches are free from the harmful substance that leads towards cancer and heart diseases. Regardless of its benefit over tobacco in cigarettes does not make it at liberty from side effects. There are some side effects of these patches which are mentioned below.

• Nicotine patch may lead to a rash on your skin if repeatedly worn on the same area of your skin. changing position of the patch will save you.

• Sometimes the heavy dose of patch i.e using a 24 hours patch will result into intense dreams. reduce your dosage to avoid this.

• Sometimes these patches will result in a headache, nausea, and indigestion.

So while using nicotine patches you need to be very careful and it's better that you should read the leaflet that is inside the pack before using it. This will make you aware of the possible side effects. Visit a doctor in case your side effects persist.


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