"Benefits" of Smoking
Why We Smoke Cigarettes?

Vaporizers Are Better Than Cigarettes?

Have you ever felt as if something has become more dominant over you than your own freewill? Trust me, every smoker trying to quit goes through this phase. Smoking takes the same path to deterioration for everyone. At first it is just a part of your social involvement, but before you know it becomes a devastating habit.


I started smoking one or two cigarettes a day and just like most of the victims the number began to increase. Within a few months, I was smoking half a pack in one day! If you find yourself in the same situation, it is not too late. Vaporizers saved my life and they can help you as well. Although it may seem just like an alternative, it is not just an alternative… it is a remedy!

A vaporizer, commonly referred to as a ‘vape’, stimulates the feeling of smoking without burning any tobacco. It contains a liquid solution with a flavor of your choice that is atomized by a battery and turned into vapors.  A vaporizer comes in shape of a pen or small box hence being portable and easy to use. Its price starts from $50 and additional replaceable battery.


The use of vaporizers has become increasingly popular as one may use it for something or organic as well. It heats the material to a temperature that it starts to release vapors without actually burning. Therefore, the users are able to smoke the herbs of their choice without inhaling any carbon. Even though vaporizers could be short term solution to quit smoking, health professionals still warn about the dangers of the chemicals that exist in the vaporizers. If you are considering vaporizers to quit smoking, please talk to your doctor.


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