Why We Smoke Cigarettes?

There are different factors that are responsible for leading someone into the dangerous path of smoking. Some of the factors are listed below Peer pressure When a person is in his teens he faces a lot of changes in this phase of life, i.e. hormonal changes, insecurity because of the change of roles, some physical changes etc. it is a part of life followed by frustration and the only place where you seek refuge is friend’s company. You will rely on them for support and affirmation. It happens in this age that one member of your peer group starts smoking, he will definitely insist others to at least try smoking and maybe you will resist at first but with the passage of time due to... Read more →

Vaporizers Are Better Than Cigarettes?

Have you ever felt as if something has become more dominant over you than your own freewill? Trust me, every smoker trying to quit goes through this phase. Smoking takes the same path to deterioration for everyone. At first it is just a part of your social involvement, but before you know it becomes a devastating habit. I started smoking one or two cigarettes a day and just like most of the victims the number began to increase. Within a few months, I was smoking half a pack in one day! If you find yourself in the same situation, it is not too late. Vaporizers saved my life and they can help you as well. Although it may seem just like an alternative, it is... Read more →

"Benefits" of Smoking

Who says smoking is bad for health apart from the doctors, the food and drug administration authorities etc. do you know anyone on the face of the earth with similar remarks? Smokers do get some health advantages over nonsmokers which might be not in your knowledge so read the following: You will be astonished to know that smoking saves a person from osteoporosis and joint replacement surgery i.e. there are very fewer chances of these diseases in smokers. It is quite unsettling to hear that the smoking prevents from chronic movement disorder that is Parkinson's disease. It is a fact proved by the researchers of Harvard university in 2007 , although they failed to know why the smokers don't get Parkinson's disease but it seemed... Read more →

Quitting Cigarette By Using Nicotine Patches? Read This Before You Begin

Nicotine patches are used by the people who quit smoking in order to resist the urge of lighting a cigarette. You might wonder what is the difference between the nicotine in a cigarette and that in the nicotine patch. There is a simple difference which makes nicotine patches safer to use than cigarettes. Nicotine patches are free from the harmful substance that leads towards cancer and heart diseases. Regardless of its benefit over tobacco in cigarettes does not make it at liberty from side effects. There are some side effects of these patches which are mentioned below. • Nicotine patch may lead to a rash on your skin if repeatedly worn on the same area of your skin. changing position of the patch will save... Read more →

To help ensure that you are successful in your next, as well as final attempt to quit smoking there are a few things that you should really keep in mind. Setting yourself up to be successful is not something that should happen by accident. If you really want to stop smoking for good, you will need to make a few conscious decisions that must be followed. If you wake up each morning with the goal of trying to avoid cigarettes and no real plan on how to actually avoid cigarettes, you will find that you are smoking again very quickly. In the beginning, you will discover that you are probably afraid of quitting. While you know that it is the smart thing to do for... Read more →